This Pride Month, The Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Delivery Network have launched their ‘LGBT+ Ally’ Badge campaign.

The Network is made up of different organisations and social groups who deliver a LGBTQ+ based service in the borough of Wandsworth. 

They have been exploring the issue that rainbow lanyards/badges no longer help service users recognise an inclusive practitioner because of the wide use of the rainbow to celebrate the NHS during the pandemic.

As a result, they have developed a new badge, so that services users could be confident of LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

This badge incorporates the progress flag, together with the clear message ‘LGBT+ ally.’ Something that isn’t represented on the current NHS Rainbow lanyards. 

With a generous donation from the Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum the network have purchased an initial 250 badges to provide to our members.

The Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Delivery Network was formed in January 2020 and is Chaired by Lucie Brooke from Free2B, the boroughs LGBTQ+ Youth group. 

“When we set up Free2B back in 2010 there were only a couple of other LGBTQ+ groups in the borough so, it is amazing to see so many different organisations all coming together,  committed to collaborating to support the community.”The badges are available to organisations who can demonstrate their LGBTQ+ allyship and are welcome to get in touch, to discuss the eligibility criteria:

To see a full list of the services in the borough, and who make up the Wandsworth LGBT Delivery Network, visit their page on the Wandsworth LGBT website.