Loved It’s A Sin? 

Tune into ‘Why Now’ for a very special tribute radio show called ‘It’s A Synth’ with David Robson and Grant Tucker who celebrate the series and its glorious soundtrack with some very special guests. 


Tracy-Ann Oberman who played Ritchie’s agent Carol Carter in the series. She tells us why filming that “don’t go home” scene was so moving for her.

Marc Thompson, Brixton music legend and the founder of Prepster and BlackOutUK, gives us an insight into what the club scene was like in the 80s and talks about his own HIV diagnosis. 

Hazell Dean, the queen of Hi-NRG, talks about her top 10 hits and what it was like to perform her first big solo gig at Heaven. 

Lisa Power, the cofounder of Stonewall and a historical consultant on It’s A Sin, explains how it felt to take phone calls from terrified gay men for Switchboard and why she loves a “stroppy dyke”.  

Stephen Richards , aka drag legend Miss Lola Lasagne, gives us a whistle stop tour through the drag haunts of 80s London and tells us how one queen collected money for AIDS wards in her wig.

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Part 2 –

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