I’m Amy and I work for Poppy’s, a local, progressive funeral directors in Tooting. We’re based in Lambeth cemetery, with our own beautiful mortuary on site. It was great to meet and talk with some of you at a recent Forum event.

Let me explain a little about Poppy’s, why I’m so proud to work there and some of the resources that we have available with LGBTQ+ people in mind.

We believe that everyone should be able to have the funeral they want and need. Which means that every funeral will be different. In my three years at Poppy’s, I’ve planned some very traditional funerals, others which were full of personal touches and some which were utterly unique. It’s all about finding the right way to express the personality and values of the individual who has died and those who care about them.

Death can be a difficult subject to talk about. We might face it with fear or embarrassment. We might have had bad experiences at funerals in the past or be grieving someone we love. At Poppy’s, we recognise this is the case, and we believe that by talking openly about death and dying, we can dispel some of the fears and myths surrounding it.

Our Talking Death blog is one way of opening up the conversation. Each week, we post how-to guides, interviews or information related to death and dying.

These blogs include some with particular relevance to LGBTQ+ people, but we hope there’s something in each blog for everybody. For example, you might like to check out our guide to trans and LGBTQ+ funeral resources, our interviews with Ash Hayhurst, author of the Queer Funeral Guide, or with Jackie Engelberg from Switchboard’s Grief Encounters project. We’d also love your ideas for subjects to cover in future.

Do stay in touch. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, give us a call to find out more on 020 3589 4726.