Trans Hate Crime Statistics released to the LGBTQ+ Community

For the first time, the LGBTQ+ community will be able to see the monthly figures for transphobic hate crimes reported to the police in London.

The Metropolitan Police have recently made the decision in September 2020 to release the recorded Transphobic Hate Crime (HT Flag) after calls from community leaders and organisations to do so.  

Homophobic hate crime stats (HO Flag) have been published monthly via the Met Police LGBT+ Advisory Group (who then send on to the community forums/groups and organisations) since 2010 but the parallel Transphobic figures have not similarly been released. 

Over the years there have been repeated requests from community groups and the LGBT+ Advisory Group for the Trans figures to be made available to the community. This has been resisted by MPS data and statistics section on the grounds that the figures are low and do not meet the statistical reliability threshold for publication.

After discussions between key stakeholders and members at the London LGBT+ Forums Network City Hall Meetings (where the omission of Transphobic stats in contrast to the regular flow of Homophobic stats was regularly highlighted) a further request to the MPS was made.

As a direct result of pressure from the members of the London LGBT Forums Network and LGBT+ Advisory Group the MPS has agreed to release the Trans figures.  One of the leading voices from the Network on this was Patricia from Transpals

“It’s taken a long time, but I’m pleased that we finally have these figures. Although it is not the full reality of what’s happening out there in the Trans community. We now need to build confidence in the community by encouraging those who have been victims of hate crime to make sure it’s been reported correctly. By this, I mean recorded as Trans hate crime, and not LGB.” 

The numbers are currently low compared with the number of transphobic incidents known to happen in the community, either because the incidents are not flagged correctly or not reported or both. However, publishing the figures monthly to community and MPS Hate Crime Coordinators and others will raise the profile and we hope over time lead to increased reporting which better reflects the scale of the issue for Trans Londoners.

The LGBT+ anti-violence charity ‘Galop’ have just released their 2020 Transphobic Hate Crime report.

“Trans people are under such high rates of physical, sexual, and verbal attack that more than half feel less able to leave their home. In the last year alone, a quarter of trans people had experienced or been threatened with physical assault. Nearly one in five had experienced or been threatened with sexual assault ” Read the full report here 

The move to release the Trans Hate Crime stats has been welcomed by both the London LGBT Forums Network and Met LGBT+ Indepdant Advisory Group (IAG)

“The LGBT+ Advisory Group welcomes the decision by the Met Police to release statistics for transphobic crime reports alongside the monthly figures for homophobic reports for distribution to our community friends and police contacts. I hope the figures will be of use to the Hate Crime Coordinators and to local LGBT+ and Trans groups to highlight the issues of transphobia and aid planning.” (Derek Lee – Chair LGBT+ Advisory Group)


Bob Hodgson & David Robson

November 20th, 2020