Queer Question Time

Previous panelists include:
Chris Bryant MP
Kate Hoey MP
Nigel Evans MP
Hannah Bardell MP
Stewart McDonald MP
Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

Andrew Boff AM
Sian Berry AM
Caroline Pidgeon AM
Dan Glass
Asifa Lahore
Matthew Todd

The biggest questions in our community, answered.
Queer Question Time is a community-led discussion event that debates current LGBTQ+ issues as well as local and national politics.
It was established in 2009 by Mike Kear who produced the event for 6 years at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. In 2015 David Robson became the current producer of QQT using the event as a vehicle for community engagement with the Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum.
Previous Hosts have included: Evan Davies, Amy Lame, Stuart Who (who still Chairs in today’s line up) and more currently Ola Jide (Son of a Tutu) & Meth.
Robson has produced a different series each year since 2015 also at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

  • General Election 2015 – Vauxhall Hustings
  • The Pride Edition,
  • Brexit 
  • Mayoral Elections 2016 
  • Brexit: One Year On
  • LGBT History Month 2017
  • London Local Elections 2018
  • UK Pride Tour 2018
He is currently working on the 2019 UK Tour which will see #QQT visit Scotland and Northern Ireland for the first time.