Queer Question Time

The biggest questions in our community, answered.
Queer Question Time is a community-led discussion event that debates current LGBTQ+ issues as well as local and national politics.
It was established in 2009 by Mike Kear who produced the event for 6 years at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. In 2015 David Robson became the current producer of QQT using the event as a vehicle for community engagement with the Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum.
Previous Hosts have included: Evan Davies, Amy Lame, Stewart Who (Who still Chairs today’s line up)  Son of a Tutu & Meth.
Robson has produced a series of different debates each year since 2015 at various LGBTQ venues across London.In 2018 and 2019 QQT expanded by touring the United Kingdom in support of the Pride movement. In both years QQT has hosted events at the UK and Ireland Pride Host cites (Isle of Wight & Newry) to great success.
In 2020 QQT will be expanding on the previous Pride tours by visiting Newcastle (Northern Pride) as part of UK Pride 2020 and hopes to host a hustings for the London Mayoral Candidates.Previous QQT’s

  • General Election 2015 (Vauxhall Hustings)
  • The Pride Edition,
  • Brexit 
  • Mayoral Elections 2016 
  • Brexit: One Year On
  • LGBT History Month 2017
  • London Local Elections 2018
  • UK Pride Tour 2018
  • UK Pride Tour 2019
  • General Election 2019 (Vauxhall Hustings)

Previous panellists include:


Hannah Bardell (SNP) – Chris Bryant (Labour)-  Stephen Doughty (Labour) – Florence Eshalomi (Laboour) – Nigel Evans (Conservative) – Kate Hoey (Labour) – John Nicholson (SNP) – Stewart McDonald MP (SNP)  Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP (Labour)

Political Party Leaders

Naomi Long (Leader Alliance Party Leader & MEP) – Adam Price (Leader Plaid Cymru & Welsh AM)

Assembly Members

Jeremy Miles AM/AC (Welsh Labour) – Sian Berry London AM (Green) – Andrew Boff London AM (Conservative) – Leonie Cooper London AM (Labour) – Caroline Pidgeon London AM (Liberal Democrat) – Peter Whittle London AM (UKIP)


Emma Best (Conservative) – Pete Byrne (SDLP) – Lucy Caldicott (Labour) Rohit K Dasgupta (Labour) – Jeffrey Dudgeon (UUP) Megan Fearon (Sinn Fein) – Anthony Flynn (Green Party) – Osh Gantley (Labour) – John Howard (Labour) – Leighton Rowlands (Conservative) – Rhys Taylor (Liberal Democrat)

Community Representatives

Bisi Alimi – Clare Barlow – Bi Pride – UK Black Pride – Ted Brown – Pat Cash – Chloe Davis – Abderrahim el Habachi – Dan Glass – DJ Ritu – Shon Faye – Stewart Feather – Cliff Joannou – Miqhael Kannemeyer – Asifa Lahore – Miss Cairo – Leng Monty  – Lisa Power – Linda Riley – Shash -Sadie Sinner – Rebecca Stinson – Chardine Taylor-Stone – Lu Thomas – Matthew Todd – Vanity Von Glow – Dr Michael Wardlow